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Grab Type Ship Unloader

Grab Type Ship Unloader

HXME successfully developed the first prototype of four-drum traction ship unloader in China in year 1990, which was put into use in Shanghai Wujing Thermal Power Plant. In year 1993, one unit of 600t/h four-drum traction ship unloader with mechanical room installed below main beam was put into use in Huaneng Weihai Power Plant, and has been in operation for nearly 30 years with good operation status. After continuous development, accumulation of experience, R&D and innovation, the technology of ship unloaders manufactured by HXME has been constantly upgraded. The capacity of ship unloader series range from 200t/h to 2400t/h. The ship unloader of highest capacity ever manufactured by HXME is 2400t/h ship unloader in Tanjung Bin Power Plant, Malaysia. HXME has the ability to design and manufacture 2500~3500t/h ship unloaders. HXME's products are widely used in electric power, metallurgy, building materials, ports, bulk cargo terminals and other industries. Following our country's "the Belt and Road Initiative" guidelines, HXME has exported products to Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries as well as West Asia, Middle East, South America , Africa and other regions, the products are sold at home and all over the world.

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(1) It has four-drum mechanism with smart structure, earliest developed in China by HXME; the self-designed differential reducer is safe and reliable; the lower-mounted mechanical room has a low center of gravity, good stability and strong wind resistance; the dead weight of the whole ship unloader is 30%-40% lighter than that of self-propelled trolley ship unloader, 15%-20% lighter than balanced traction ship unloader;

(2) It has four steel ropes with simple rope winding system and small annual rope consumption; the trolley is light in weight, monorail horizontally guided, and runs smoothly;

(3) It is with continuous innovation of a series of products such as double hoppers, movable hoppers, and measurable hoppers which can meet different requirements of the clients.

(4) It can make remote monitoring and diagnosis with AC frequency conversion speed regulation (multi-drive) and PLC control, and it has complete functions, good safety and reliability, and low failure rate.

HXME is dedicated to promoting the application of the four-drum traction technology of grab type ship unloader, providing installation services in different forms such as installation of bulk parts at owner's jetty, or lifting the whole main structure of the equipment onto owner's jetty, or lifting the whole equipment onto owner's jetty, or roll-on and roll-off of the whole equipment onto the owner's jetty, and undertaking the upgrading service of old ship unloaders. HXME has established a long-term business relationship with clients with regards to spare parts supply, repair, maintenance, overhauling and upgrading service. HXME has supplied a total of 27 units of ship unloaders of different specifications to Jiangsu Shagang Group, and has been providing after-sale service such as overhaul, maintenance, relocation and reinstallation service of its products years and years to Shagang and has won good praise and trust from Shagang Group.

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