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Garbage Crane

Garbage Crane

With the business shrinking of the company in traditional market, under the development concept of national ecological construction and green environmental protection, HXME has re-adjusted the market structure, and laid out in waste treatment industry to make up for the company's insufficient production capacity. While projects are coming one after another, it has laid a solid market foundation, technical application experience, and manufacturing and construction experience for HXME to build a market structure, and also fully enters the environmental protection industry for garbage cranes, solid waste cranes, hazardous waste cranes, and scattered straw cranes and such special cranes which have established good brand image for HXME in the market.

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Absorbing the technology experience from European-style garbage crane , integrating and applying HXME's existing technology and application experience in the non-ferrous metallurgy industry and intelligent cranes for large-scale terminals, the garbage cranes provided by HXME has the function of energy feedback, three-coordinate precise positioning, and accurate weighing, anti-swaying, anti-slip hook, reliable semi-automatic control, fully automatic control, remote control, Internet of Things applications, and full communication functions, 5G network applications, etc., which demonstrate good design concept and good practice of energy saving, intelligence, high reliability, humanized design, and key components of long life cycle.

(1) Provide installation services for product, and its rails, slide lines and accessories.

(2) During the product warranty period, the product will be repaired free of charge, and HXME will respond within 2 hours after receiving the buyer's notification. The service personnel will arrive at project site within 24 hours and 12 hours under special circumstances (In China), and arrive at project site within 48 hours and 24 hours under special circumstances (Overseas countries).

(3) After the end of the warranty period, HXME will provide long-term supply of spare parts in favorable price, and provide maintenance and transformation, electrical control upgrading services.

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