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Screw Type Ship Unloader

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Screw Type Ship Unloader

Screw Type Ship Unloader

Since its development, HXME has always attached great importance to environmental protection and economic benefits in product development and research, fully playing a leading role in technology and assuming social responsibilities in the industry, committed to the development of environmental protection equipment. Its self-developed screw type ship unloader is the first totally China-Made screw type ship unloader in electric power industry, which has changed the current situation that China has always relied on imports in the use of screw type ship unloader. The core components of the screw ship unloader are all independently researched and developed by HXME, which can unload bulk cargo vessel of 300 to 3,000 tons, with good passability of large lump materials, complete performance, stability and reliability. While advocating waste sorting and green life, it decisively turned to the waste treatment industry and achieved good results.

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  • Installation and Service

Screw type ship unloader is independently developed by HXME, it is with light deadweight and reasonable structure, which fully meets the requirements of continuous reclaiming, high efficiency and energy saving, environmental protection and dust-free, green and low-carbon.

(1) Provide installation services for product, and its rails, slide lines and accessories.

(2) During the product warranty period, the product will be repaired free of charge, and HXME will respond within 2 hours after receiving the buyer's notification. The service personnel will arrive at project site within 24 hours and 12 hours under special circumstances (In China), and arrive at project site within 48 hours and 24 hours under special circumstances (Overseas countries).

(3) After the end of the warranty period, HXME will provide long-term supply of spare parts in favorable price, and provide maintenance and transformation, electrical control upgrading services.

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